Our top frequently asked questions.

Where will the photographers be at my ceremony? 
GFP Photography studios will be located close to where you collect your academic dress. Clear signage will be displayed on the day for your convenience.

What sort of photographs and products will be available on the day? 
Professional GFP photographers will be available on ceremony day. GFP offer a range of options including:

Online Web Gallery - $30
This service includes a professional photography session with family and friends on graduation day.  All images can be viewed instantly in a private online gallery from which you can order prints and downloads.  
Please note:  $30 Web Gallery fee does not include prints or downloads but covers the cost of the photography session.

Premium Studio USB- $275 
This premium product is perfect for those graduates who want to take their images home on graduation day.  After your professional photography session with family and friends, all high-resolution images are transferred onto a USB to be taken home on the spot.

Stage Photography Bundle - $50
All graduates will be photographed as they cross the stage and receive their degree. These photographs can be viewed and purchased immediately following the ceremony. The GFP Stage Photography Bundle includes both a digital copy of your stage photo, plus a print with a commemorative university border
Online orders can also be placed via our web site at www.gfp.com.au within 24 hours of your graduation ceremony.

How long will it take to receive my order
Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery in Australia, and up to 15-20 working days for international delivery. Any queries regarding the status of your order can be made by contacting our Customer Service team on 1300 360 445 or info@gfp.com.au.

We guarantee speedy and safe delivery of your photographic products. Therefore, should your order be damaged in any way please telephone our Customer Service team for immediate resolution.

What time will the photographers start? 
Photography will commence 2 hours prior to the ceremony time. Once you have collected your academic dress, please proceed straight to our photography studios to have your individual and family photos taken.

Even if your parents and friends are not with you now, we recommend you register at our photography studios and have your individual portraits taken. Your family and friend’s photos can be taken after the ceremony. This helps in keeping waiting time to a minimum.

Do the photographers have to stop before the ceremony
Photography studios will close temporarily prior to the ceremony to ensure all graduands are seated for the university briefing. All studios will e-open for photography immediately after the conclusion of the ceremony.

If I don't come early, can I still have photos after the ceremony? 
Yes, photography will recommence immediately after the conclusion of the ceremony.

I have to leave before the ceremony finishes, can I have them done during the ceremony? 
To respect the University & graduates, we are unable to conduct business during the ceremony. We suggest that you arrive early and visit the photography studios as soon as you have collected your academic dress.

I want to be early and have my photographs before the ceremony, but I don't have my certificate? 
We will provide a replica university scroll for this purpose.

Do I need to register my interest or make a booking?
No bookings are required as we understand that graduates need to be flexible. Simply proceed to our studios before or after the ceremony.  We do offer pre-registration on our website, which saves time on the day and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Do you have staff to help me with my academic dress? 
GFP academic dress staff are available to help dress graduands prior to the ceremony.

I have a large family, can they be included in my photography session?
We will happily include all attending family and friends in your photography session. 

What if I am returning overseas straight after the ceremony? 
If you are returning overseas directly after the ceremony, you may wish to consider the Premium Studio USB option, which includes all high-resolution images on USB available to take home on ceremony day.

Otherwise GFP will can your photographs to any overseas location. Please note: postage fees will apply for overseas delivery and please allow a little extra time for delivery.

Is a Login required to view my stage photos?
No login is required to view your stage images online.
Login details are only required to view studio photos. 


Where can I see the frames? 
All graduation merchandise will be on display at your ceremony. Displays are usually located near the refreshment area. Directional signage will be available on the day for your convenience.

What frames do you have on offer? 
Click here to view our complete range of frames available.

What colour mat boards do you have on offer? 
Click here to view our complete range of mat boards available.

Do the mat boards have the University Crest? 
Yes, all mat boards have the crest embossed in gold.

What are the charges? 
Click here for a full price list?

Can I take the frame home the same day? 
Yes. We will frame your degree at the ceremony and you can take it home on the spot. To avoid waiting, we recommend you place your order before the ceremony and we will have your frame ready to complete when you bring your award back after the ceremony. 

Note: All materials used are conservation industry standard and provide an acid free protection to your certificate.


Where can I see the plaques? 
All graduation merchandise will be on display at your ceremony. Displays are usually located near the refreshment area. Directional signage will be available on the day for your convenience.

What plaques do you have on offer? 
Click here to view our collection of plaques.

Do you use the original certificate? 
No, we photocopy your certificate on the day so that the correct information will be used on the plaque.

What are the charges? 
Click here for our prices

Can I take the plaque home the same day? 
Plaques are specially made for you, please allow 2 to 3 weeks’ delivery.


Can I order a DVD of the actual ceremony? 
Yes, you can celebrate your graduation with family and friends by purchasing your own copy of the ceremony. The DVD features scenes of the full graduation ceremony including the formal address and each personal stage presentation. DVD's are available for you to purchase either on their own, or as part of a Stage Presentation Package.

Also, check out the Spotlight Video option available online.


Where can I see the bears? 
They will be on display in the foyer at PCEC on your ceremony day. Signage will be displayed on the day for your convenience.

What bears do you have on offer? 
Click here to view our complete range of bears & puppies available.

Can I purchase a bear with the University regalia? 
Yes. We have gowns and hoods for your selected bear with your faculty colours available. Our cute puppies also come with ribbon and year badge in the faculty colours of your choice.

What are the prices? 
Prices start from $25. View all prices and styles here.


Do I have to wear academic regalia to participate in my Graduation Ceremony?
Yes. You will be required to wear the prescribed regalia for the award in which you are graduating. This includes a gown, hood or sash in the appropriate colour and a mortarboard.

I am receiving a double degree, how do I order my regalia?
If you are receiving both degrees at one ceremony, you only need to place one regalia order. You wear the hood for the ceremony you are attending, e.g. if your award is Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Business you will receive an invitation for your Bachelor of Science and an invitation for your Bachelor of Business. If you select to attend the ceremony for your Bachelor of Science (to receive both awards at that ceremony) the regalia you order should be for Bachelor of Science.
If you are receiving your degrees at separate ceremonies, you will need to place two regalia orders, one for each ceremony.
If you are unsure which regalia to order for your double degree, please emailgraduations@ecu.edu.au

How do I order my academic dress?
GFP Graduations provides an easy online ordering system to either hire or purchase your regalia. To order your regalia for your ceremony, please log into SIMO then follow the link on the Order Regalia page to secure your academic dress.
Once you have completed your order you will receive an email confirmation. Please bring your student ID when collecting academic dress, no other paperwork is required/
If you have any queries, please contact GFP Customer product at gowning@gfp.com.au or call 1300 360 445

Can I buy my academic dress?
Yes, GFP offers you the opportunity to purchase your academic dress.

When do I hire my academic dress?
You should hire your academic dress a minimum of 3 days in advance of your ceremony day (to avoid a late booking fee of $35). Academic dress is collected when you pick up your tickets. Please see Where and when can I collect my regalia? below for further details.

How do I work out my size?
When you place your order online you will have the option to select your size e.g. extra small, small, medium, large etc. We will also ask for your height, this will allow us to ensure you have the correct size. 

Where and when can I collect my regalia?
Perth Ceremonies (collection at Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre )

Date & time TBC

Regalia may be collected on your graduation day - please arrive at least 1 hour before your ceremony is due to start (2 hours for Bunbury ceremony) to ensure you have enough time to collect your regalia, dress and be prepared for the University briefing to graduates before the ceremony.

Caring for your regalia
Your ordered regalia should be removed from the bag and hung to ensure any creases drop out. When transporting regalia on the day to the venue, it can be placed back into the bag or carried on a hanger to avoid creases. As soon as you arrive at the venue please put on your gown, hood and mortarboard (there will be staff available to help you if you require assistance).

How do I wear my gown?
Information on how to wear your regalia is available on the GFP and ECU websites. 
GFP staff members will be available on graduation day to assist you.

When do I return my regalia?
Hired regalia must be returned to our collection area within 2 hours of the conclusion of your ceremony. The returns area will be clearly marked. Failure to return your regalia within this period will incur a late fee. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions below.

What if I do not have a credit card - can I pay cash?
We highly recommend you use our secure online ordering system to ensure availability. Your receipt is emailed to you. Please print and present this receipt at the Gowning counter to collect your regalia.
Alternatively, you can contact GFP to make a booking to pay on the day using cash and/or debit transactions. 

Do I have to wear anything specific under my Gown?
It is important to note the gown is open at the front; therefore, what you are wearing underneath is visible. Graduation ceremonies are a formal occasion and we recommend you wear business or smart casual attire.
It is also a good idea to remove your jacket before gowning as the gowns are quite heavy and you may feel hot.

How much will my regalia cost to hire?
Regalia prices vary depending on your requirements - as a general rule:

Undergraduate Diploma & Associate Degree Suite:
  • Hire - $75
  • Purchase - $110
Postgraduate Certificate, Post Graduate Diploma & Bachelor Suite:
  • Hire - $95
  • Purchase - $130
Masters Suite:
  • Hire - $95
  • Purchase - $170
PHD Suite:
  • Hire - $160
  • Purchase - $280
  • Only available as full set
Individual items:
  • Bachelor Gown Hire - $45
  • Bachelor Gown Purchase - $70
  • Masters Gown Hire - $45
  • Masters Gown Purchase - $95
  • Stole Hire - $35
  • Stole Purchase - $40
  • Bachelor Hood Hire - $35
  • Bachelor Hood Purchase - $40
  • Masters Hood Hire - $35
  • Masters Hood Purchase - $55
  • Mortarboard - $20

Terms and Conditions

Regalia Hire - Regalia MUST be booked a minimum of 3 days in advance of your ceremony day to avoid a late booking fee of $35.

  • Return of Regalia - Academic Dress is to be returned within 2 hours of conclusion of your ceremony. Failure to return Academic Dress on time will incur a charge equivalent to the balance of the purchase price of the regalia.
  • Cancellation of Order - If you need to cancel your order please contact Customer product to arrange your refund. Generally refunds are not applicable if your cancellation occurs within 3 days of your ceremony.