Our top frequently asked questions.

Where will the photographers be at my ceremony? 
Photography studios will be set up in George Street, City West Campus, opposite Pridham Hall. Clear signage will be displayed on the day for your convenience. 

What sort of photographs and products will be available on the day? 
Our professional photographers will be available on ceremony day to take a variety of individual and family photos for you.  We offer a range of products including:

  • Studio Portraits: On the day of your ceremony we will have portrait studios set up to take your individual and family photos. You will be notified by SMS and email as soon as your images are online - usually instantly. You can then view and purchase from our extensive range of photography options available on the website. Click package options to view our range.
  • Stage Presentation Photos: All graduates will be photographed as they cross the stage and accept their degree. These photographs will be available for viewing and purchase immediately after the ceremony.
  • Premium Studio USB product - This express product is perfect for those graduates who want to take their images home immediately.  The photographer will take a variety of individual graduate images plus family and friends.  All high res images are loaded onto a USB and can be taken home straight after the event.

How long will it take to receive my order
Please allow 10 working days for delivery in Australia, and 15-20 working days for international delivery. Any queries regarding the status of your order can be made by phoning our Customer product Department on 1300 360 445 or by email at info@gfp.com.au.

We guarantee speedy and safe delivery of your photographic products. Therefore should your order be damaged in any way please telephone our Customer product Department for immediate resolution.

What time will the photographers start? 
Photography will commence 2 hours prior to the ceremony time. Once you are gowned, please proceed straight to our photography studios to have your individual and family photos taken.

Even if your parents and friends are not with you at this time, we recommend you register at our photography studios and have your individual portraits taken. Your family and friends photos can be taken after the ceremony. This helps in keeping waiting time to a minimum.

Do the photographers have to stop before the ceremony
We stop photography prior to the ceremony to allow all graduands time to be seated. Our studios re-open for photography immediately after the conclusion of the ceremony.

If I don't come early, can I still have photos after the ceremony? 
Yes, photography will recommence immediately after the conclusion of the ceremony.

I have to leave before the ceremony finishes, can I have them done during the ceremony? 
To respect the University & graduates, we are unable to conduct business during the ceremony. We suggest that you arrive early and visit the photography studios as soon as you are gowned.

I want to be early and have my photographs before the ceremony, but I don't have my certificate? 
We will provide a suitable University scroll for this purpose.

Do I need to register my interest or make a booking? 
No bookings are required as we understand that graduates need to be flexible. Simply proceed to our studios before or after the ceremony.  We do offer pre-registration on our website, which saves time on the day and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Do you have staff to help me with my regalia? 
Our staff will help you with your gown, colours and mortar board before your photography session. Small hand mirrors are available upon request to ensure you are happy with your appearance.

I have a large family, can they be included? 
We will happily include all your family and friends attending with you at the ceremony.

What if I am returning overseas straight after the ceremony? 
If  you are returning overseas directly after the ceremony, you may want to consider the Premium Studio USB product, which allows you to take your images as soft copy on USB straight after the ceremony.

GFP will send your photographs to you wherever you live.  Postage charges for overseas delivery do apply and please allow a little extra time for delivery.

Is a login required to view my Stage Photos?
No login is required to view Stage Presentation images online. Login details are only required to view studio portraits. 

Can I order a DVD of the actual ceremony? 
By special arrangement with your University, you can celebrate your Graduation with family and friends by purchasing your own copy of the ceremony. Orders can be made on the day or online at any time, call our Customer product Team on 1300 360 445 if you have any queries.

Can I purchase flowers and merchandise at the ceremony?
Yes, GFP offers fresh flower bouquets at the ceremony and a range of graduation teddies and merchandise.